Sunshower Irrigation offers the following services:

Sprinkler Systems

   ~ Service
   ~ Design
   ~ Engineering
   ~ Installation (Residential & Commercial
   ~ Startups
   ~ Winterizations

Landscape Lighting

   ~ Install
   ~ Service
   ~ Design

At Sunshower Irrigation we only use top quality products to beautify your landscape and home at night.  We proudly use Unique Lighting systems.

Hc3 Smart System

Sunshower Irrigation has gone through rigorous training to become a highly trained and tested Certified Conservation Contractor for the Hc3 Smart System.  We are at the leading edge of water conservation and technology.

We are proud to offer the most technically advanced, water-efficient, energy saving irrigation system.  This system is the industry's most reliable, sophosticated and efficient irrigation system.  The Hc3 Smart System is proven to save up to 40% more water than a standard irrigation system.  With an Hc3 Smart System installed by us at Sunshower Irrigation, you will have healthier, greener grass all while saving water and money in the long run.  Call us today to start saving our most precious resource, water.

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