Hunter PGP & PGJ

With the superior ability to deliver even water distribution from precision engineered nozzles, this sprinkler is unequaled for reliability, durability, and versatility.

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Hunter I-20

With all the features on today's I-20 Ultra (most notably its ability to effectively cover a radius range from 17 up to 47 feet) there's a single-sprinkler alternative to stocking a variety of rotors and sprays.  With over 20 different nozzle choices, the I-20 Ultra rotor can handle the full range of irrigation needs.


Hunter Institutional Spray

True pressure regulation under a wide range of environmental and pressure conditions to reduce water waste.  An in-stem regulator that acts as a flow control device if the nozzle is removed.  A super heavy-duty check valve assembly that eliminates the potential liability issues of low head drainage.  The most powerful retraction spring in its class.

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Hunter Pro-C

With its ability to customize to the particular size you need (from 3 to 15 stations), the Pro-C will always be the right choice.  A modular system also makes inventory a breeze.  The Pro-C has great features such as three programs with multiple start times, independent day scheduling options, "one touch" manual start and rapid advance, a programmable event day off.

Pro-C Manual


Hunter Pro-Spray

The Pro-Spray has been manufactured with the precision required to ensure reliable operation and peak performance for years to come.  This solid performer boasts heavy-duty ABS construction, including an extra-thick body and cap.

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Hunter Rain-Clik

The rain-click rain sensor has rugged construction that includes a heavy-duty polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm.  It also has Hunter's unique Quick Response™ feature.  There is No need for water to accumulate for shutoff.

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